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watch Pesticide 2021 movie online Stay up to date with movie The ruthless and sadistic Bronco Billy (Joseph Loeffler-Bell) runs a drug-trafficking operation, with Lorelai Brenner (Jamie Schenk) working as his right-hand man. Yvonne Hagg (Kate Henning) formulates a plan to overthrow Billy and put herself in charge... David (Paul Domenosky), an introverted and socially awkward accountant, has dinner with an old friend named Frank (Ty Bourdo). However, things are not what they seem... Angelo (Cole McCormack) is an avant-garde musician and a pesticide addict. After accidentally overdosing on the drug, he believes he has entered the seventh circle of hell and slowly begins to succumb to madness... The three stories intertwine and come together to tell a shocking, frightening, humorous, gruesome, and oddball tale.

Release:May 14, 2021
Runtime:1h 25m
Genre:Crime, Thriller, Western
Stars:Jamie Schenk, Joseph Loeffler-Bell, Paul Domenosky, Kate Henning, Dylan Osvatic, Zach Simpson, Ty Bourdo, Nick Richards, Kayla Willmann, Cole McCormack, Logan Giese, Luke McCormack, Sadie Krebs, Faith Carpentier, Gabe Pett, Savannah Wage, Monique Noll

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