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In Bed with a Killer
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watch In Bed with a Killer 2019 movie online Stay up to date with movie Lena and her daughter move to a new town where she meets Michael, the man of her dreams. Little does she know he's hiding some very dark secrets. And after her new friends disappear one by one, Lena must unravel the mystery of her missing friends before it's too late.

Title:In Bed with a Killer
Release:Feb 08, 2019
Runtime:1h 32m
Genre:Thriller, TV Movie
Stars:Jennifer Taylor, Ryan Patrick Shanahan, Al Sapienza, Jade Harlow, Laurie Fortier, Rachel Rosenstein, Rachel Amanda Bryant, Olivia Reid, Matthew Oakley, Tom DeNucci, Cate Jones, Elisha Pratt, Bruce Davis, Ben Richardson, Blade Pfeifer, Kent Shelton, Erin Herring, William Row, Bryce Camp, Ed Spinelli

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