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Nerd Hunter 3004
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watch Nerd Hunter 3004 2004 movie online Stay up to date with movie Derek Rillix is a Nerd Hunter, a special officer assigned to hunt down and delete anyone engaged in illegal "NERD" activities. Rillix knows that the underground nerd movement, led by MasterGeek, are planning a massive comic book convention. Rillix is bent on stopping this, but something is gnawing away deep inside him, a deep secret that even he cannot face.

Title:Nerd Hunter 3004
Release:Dec 31, 2004
Genre:Science Fiction, Comedy
Stars:Eric Hoffman, Michael Busch, Bill Chott, Jim Coughlin, Rich Fulcher, Pat Healy, Jay Johnston, Bob Odenkirk, Holly Payne, Jon Schnepp, Paul F. Tompkins

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